Northern Tundra
Sentient Species: Wyverns
Sentient Races: Tundra Wyverns
Biome: N/A
Natural Resources: Metals, coal

Geography and ClimateEdit

The Northern Tundra is ridiculously cold. Not just cold, but ridiculously cold. The mountains to the south curve away the jetstreams that would carry warm air, and warm water currents turn away far before they reach this frozen shoreline. Most of the year this place is shrouded in darkness with the sun only skimming the horizon, but for a short time in summer, the sun can climb higher into the air and melt some of the snow. During the winter, temperatures hover around -34C (-30F), but during the summer it can reach 3C (37F).

Most of the terrain of the Northern Tundra is just a flat expanse, but there are occasional cliffs, mountains, and fjords. Thin ice can cover deep ravines left by rushing rivers in the brief summer now held back by ice dams, causing dangerous traps. Thin ice also may exist in the warmer months that breaks underfoot and drops the unsuspecting victim into freezing water.

Flora and FaunaEdit

Not much lives up here, but there are some very hardy trees and plants that live in the snowy wasteland, breaking up the monotony. Most animals here live in the ocean and hunt the arctic fish, but there are some blubber-filled land mammals that work their lives away in the north.

The Northern Tundra is home to the largest city of Tundra Wyverns, Snowfall, as well.