Mischievous Forest
Sentient Species: Wyvern
Sentient Races: Forest Wyvern
Biome: Tropical Rainforest
Natural Resources: Wood, fruits, medicinal herbs

Geography and ClimateEdit

This forest is slightly hilly in terrain, with the rare cliff or valley throughout it. There's more water than not when it comes to the forest floor, occasionally pooling into small ponds or lakes that are hidden by the thick cover of trees.

The jungle's climate is easily described: hot and wet. Most days of the year, rain pummels this forest from the north and southern bits of the ocean. Clouds are mostly funneled in from the two mountain ranges to the north, spreading rain to the plains to the west and east as well as the forest itself, primarily. Temperatures range from 25C to 35C (77F to 95F) and the humidity is usually dancing around 60-90%. To most creatures, the heat and humidity is unbearable.

Flora and FaunaEdit

A huge variety of life lives in this jungle. Vines, trees, bushes, mosses, flowers - you name it and it likely lives here. Large mammals and reptiles inhabit the forest, primarily, the predators battling each other for food despite never experiencing going hungry. Large birds inhabit the treetops, who are preyed upon by even larger snakes.

This colorful place is deadly, though, and most pretty harmless things are just illusions for traps and poisons, hence the jungle's name. The Forest Wyverns here especially enjoy preying on intruders, often covering themselves in vines or mud to appear part of the forest before trapping an unsuspecting visitor.