Gender: Male
Species: Dragon
Race: Longwing

Age: Adult (120-130)
Occupation: Merchant

Mate: Iyress
Child(ren): Reha, Kierra
Spoiler Information
Alignment: Neutral
Status: Unknown

Physical AppearanceEdit

Kither is an average-sized adult male Longwing. He has the average black scales with wave-like navy blue patterns down his back. His eye marking is similar, also wavy with a bit of a half-loop off the side of it. His eyes are purple and he has one pair of straight horns.


Born into a family that had little racial prejudice, Kither grew up in a loving home with a few brothers and sisters. He was always the one being picked on, though, playfully for being a bit of a wimp, a bookworm, and antisocial. His parents tried to snap him out of that, but eventually decided it was just his personality and dealt with it. They taught the hatchlings to care only for the personality of a Dragon they speak to rather than the race, but also warned them that almost no one thinks this way.

Kither followed his parents' philosophy throughout life as he moved through school and entered the workplace as a merchant, selling small trinkets and wares made by his siblings. He cuts the profit with them, and lives in the way a lower middle class Longwing would - some luxuries but mostly necessities.

He met Iyress one year and fell for her rather quickly, but was far too shy and scared to admit it. When she implied the return of the feelings, though, he gradually grew closer and the two eventually bonded in secret despite their race. Later on, Kither accidentally ended up impregnating his mate, creating the young Sparkwing Reha.

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Kither is a quiet type, keeping to himself and trying not to step on each others' toes. He doesn't like to talk very loudly and isn't very bold in his actions. Most would call him a sissy or a wuss, if they had reason to insult him. He's a dragon of very few words and tries to hang at the back of any gathering. These traits generally make him a bad merchant, as he doesn't call out attention for his wares, but he can make a living off of it. When under pressure, he tends to break and collapse into submission very easily.

Comic AppearancesEdit

Kither appears in Chapter 1, at the Royal Balcony scene.

Spoiler Information
Kither is chained as a prisoner in this scene, threatened with imprisonment and the death of his mixed-breed offspring, Reha. Angry and miserable, he makes unintelligible noises in protest, as well as trying to comfort Iyress. However, when Iyress asks him to assist her rebellious actions and fight the Royals, Kither is convinced by the pair to surrender.