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Gender: Female
Species: Dragon
Race: Sparkwing

Age: Hatchling (<1yr)
Occupation: None

Mother: Iyress
Father: Kither
Sibling(s): Reha
Spoiler Information
Alignment: The Red Claw
Status: Alive

Physical AppearanceEdit

Kierra is blue with slightly deeper blue wavy markings. Her eye marking is a frontal wave followed by a spike that extends for a short bit before ending. Her markings resemble cartoonized breaking waves, especially with her color scheme. She has a frill down her back and light purple eyes. Her horns are an ivory color.


Kierra was born in the Empire to Iyress and Kither. As an egg, she was taken by Iyress to the Red Claw for safety. Her egg was left outside of the main city in a nest of leaves and warmed by a small fire nearby, which caught the attention of nearby patrols. Confused but hopeful, the Red Claw took the egg in and placed it under a surrogate mother's care. Iyress didn't have faith in her survival in the Empire, as is later proven by her sibling Reha's death.

Kierra is unaware of who her mother truly is, hatching alongside multiple other orphaned Dragons. She's very curious, like her sister, and enjoys discovery. She loves to play-wrestle and romp with the other hatchlings and displays eagerness to be social.


Kierra's very kind as far as one can tell. She's also very curious and likes to ask poorly-phrased questions, which showcases her high intelligence; most other Dragons cannot even speak until they're a few months older than she is. She can understand better than speak and enjoys listening to stories told by her Elders.

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Trivia Edit

  • Like her cousin Rusk, Kierra is the only surviving member of her clutch.