Frozen Peaks
Sentient Species: Wyverns
Sentient Races: Night Wyverns, Tundra Wyverns
Biome: Arctic Mountains
Natural Resources: Metals, stone

Geography and ClimateEdit

The Frozen Peaks live up to their name. These horrifying mountains are feared by almost all life known to Aer. They are so cold that those who have died here are permanently frozen into the landscape, their corpses never rotting. Those who venture here may wander up to what looks like a sleeping Wyvern covered in snow to ask for help, only to find that they're yet another lost soul who has lost their lives in these peaks.

These peaks can easily reach -60C (-76F) with wind chill, rivaling the coldest places on Earth. At night during the winter, the mountains may reach even colder. Without proper protection, a single gust of wind on this mountain may spell the doom of any adventurer.

While the mountains are not as tall as the Claws of Night, they are much longer, spanning a thick section of the main continent. Therefore, the Frozen Peaks create the longest mountain range known on Aer. Many valleys in the peaks are spanned by millennia old glaciers, crawling and carving their way through the freezing environment. Ice adorns most of the mountains all winter and summer alike.

Flora and FaunaEdit

Nothing except the hardiest Wyverns live here. The Tundra Wyverns are primarily those living in Snowfall's reaches at the foot of the mountain, rather than up in the peaks.

The bravest Night Wyverns live here, sometimes venturing here all the way from Shard of the Stars just to prove their worth to their peers and community. Most die, but some have learned to bear the brunt of these mountains and have created sorts of vests made of fur to prevent themselves from freezing to death. (Though, the vests are more like blankets than vests.)

Other flora and fauna are very, very scarce - in the absolute peaks, nothing is alive. Small signs of life such as lichens and tiny rodents are noticeable halfway down the mountains, with more arctic life at the base.