Endire Mountains
Biome: Mountains
Natural Resources: Metals, stone

Geography and ClimateEdit

The Endire Mountains are a small mountain range to the north of the Dragon Empire. The peaks don't reach very high into the sky, though low-lying clouds on overcast days tend to cover up the peaks. These peaks are often saturated with high amounts of water, as clouds from the nearby ocean drift towards and build up around the peaks, releasing the water into them, making them have one of the wettest climates on Aer. Large jungles spring up along below the treeline from all the rain and melt water. Temperatures can get below 0C (32F) at the peaks easily in the winter, though usually they stay a constant 5C (41F). The hottest summer days cause the middle sections of the mountains to bake in 35C (95F) heat, though the trees in the area keep the ground temperature cool.

Flora and FaunaEdit

Most trees on these mountains are evergreens the higher one goes up the slopes, but it fades into deciduous and more tropical plants on the way down. Many bushes and flowers streak across the forest floor. In the peaks, only a few windblown bushes exist.

Fauna is not hugely unique, but a varied population of birds have made these peaks their home. In the forested areas, colorful tropical birds flit about, but at the peaks, cliff and mountain birds have founded their nests. Larger mammals live in the forest.