Claws of Night
Sentient Species: Wyverns
Sentient Races: Night Wyverns
Notable Flora: Moss, small bushes, some trees below treeline
Notable Fauna: Small animals, birds
Biome: Mountain
Natural Resources: Metals, stone

The Claws of Night are home to the Shard of the Stars.

Geography and ClimateEdit

The Claws of Night are the largest mountains known to Aer and create the 2nd-longest mountain range. These peaks can be up to 2,000m (6300') in elevation. It only gets up to 7°C (45°F) during the day, excluding wind chill. Winds are usually from 48kph to 64kph (30-40mph), gusting up to 97kph (60mph). Below the treeline, life is much less hazardous, but still chilly. Temperatures gradually warm as one descends the mountains. The peaks have snow on them all year long.

Flora and FaunaEdit

Flora in this area is very, very scant. There are little to no bushes, and if they do exist, they're windblown messes of leaves. Mosses and such flora tend to thrive up in the chilly and damp peaks, but nothing else does. Evergreen trees exist below the treeline.

Fauna consists of very small mammals that live in burrows, various types of birds, and the Night Wyverns.