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Chapter 2: Blood Red Claws
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Timespan: 1,370 A.C - Unknown
Location: Blood Red Claw Territory, Dragon Empire Prisons


Chapter 2 starts detailing the backstory of Rakiter, Ruskaer's father, narrated by Nezrik. It soon shifts into following Rakiter more prominently as a main character, rather than a narrated asset, with his thoughts and journey the focus. Rakiter runs into a Longwing guard who asks him for a pass. Rakiter unwilling to expose the Blood Red Claw Lashes out at the Longwing. Karissa comes to see what's going on and watches in horror as the Longwing poisins her mate. Rackiter tells Karissa that he loves her right before he dies. The story then shifts to the present which takes place few months after the events of Chapter 1.