WARNING: This Page May Contain Spoilers!
Chapter 1: Discoveries
Ch 1's Opener
Timespan: 1,370 A.C. - 1,370 A.C.
Location: The Dragon Empire, Above/belowground


Beginning in the summer of 1370 A.C., Chapter 1 follows Ruskaer and Tygressa as they learn the truth behind the Dragon Empire. It starts as Ruskaer is finishing his shift as a blacksmith in the more Sparkclaw populated section of a smaller outer city of the Empire. Tygressa runs to Ruskaer to inform him of an audience being held at the Royal Balcony of their town, which they run to quickly through some dark side tunnels that were barred off.

Upon arriving to the Balcony, it quickly becomes clear that it's a show of monarchal strength rather than any real announcement. A Sparkwing hatchling, Reha, dies under the fangs of King Kaenan with the encouragement of Queen Zursha. Her mother Iyress looks on, breaking her bonds with her fire in fury, but Kither, her mate, gives in when asked for help.

Iyress then makes a daring escape to the admiration of Tygressa, zipping off the Balcony through gliding, and sprints through nearby passageways. Tygressa runs after her to help, followed by Ruskaer. Iyress seems to recognise Ruskaer as he runs alongside her, but doesn't get a chance to explain why before they're stopped by guards. However, one guard is truly Nezrik, coming to Iyress's rescue when he heard she was in trouble. He kills the other guard through flames, giving a chance for the other three to escape through the same passages Rusk and Tyg entered through.

The trio follows the light to a cave-in in the cave system, previously dark due to the time of day outside. Iyress gives them a boost up into the light, where Ruskaer is subsequently blinded by the sight. Tygressa, not knowing what to do, asks him what's wrong before hearing growls and snarls from below where they came from. When she looked into the hole, she was splattered by a large amount of blood, where she subsequently blacked out.

Meanwhile, Kaenan is getting a salve for the horrid burns along his fins when Nezrik walk in. Nezrik gives news of the escapees and Kaenan calls for their capture. Irkien, who stopped Tygressa and Ruskaer earlier in the area near the cave-in, arrives, claiming to have already called for guards on the escapees. Kaenan doesn't believe him and casts him out, ordering Nezrik to prove Irkien's claims.

Much later in the day, during a rainstorm, Tygressa wakes up in a clearing in a forest. After a bit of catching up with Ruskaer, a Forest Wyvern ambushes the two, demanding their intents in broken Drakeen. It's about to engage a confused Tygressa before Nezrik shows up, taking out the Wyvern and encouraging the duo to follow him to the Red Claw. He claims Ruskaer's long-dead father was part of them, and when asked what force he would take the corrupt Empire over with, he tells them to look up, revealing a large gathering of Sparkwings in the air, sent out as a search party with Nezrik.