Blank Map of Aer
Biome: Various

Aer is the planet that hosts all life. It lies in an unknown solar system and an unknown galaxy. Aer is orbited by a single moon, akin to Earth's but larger in the sky.

Aer is the size of Earth, although its known surface likely isn't as large as some of the continents on Earth. There are likely many more continents and oceans beyond what is known. The biggest known continent is roughly 2,778km (1,726mi) tall, and around 1,852km (1,150mi) wide at the thickest point. This is roughly the size of Europe. For another visual, the continent's height is about as long as Moscow to the southern towns of France. The continent's widest point is the same as the top of Denmark to the southern middle section of Italy.

Aer has various biomes on it, including a strangely volcanic one theorized to exist on the Uncharted Continent. Forests and plains are very common, along with large mountain ranges and bays. Vivid and varied creatures inhabit the world, all in different shapes and sizes, with the most intelligent and magnificent being the Dragons and Wyverns.


Political Map of Aer


Physical Map of Aer